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  Avduro Pannierz Expedition Pannierz
Body of the bag same same
Seat straps same same
Volume same same
Colour same same
Rear stiffener same same
Pockets per bag 2 1
Construction same same
Side strap and D Rings 1 each side at rear nil
Top strap and D Rings 1 nil
Base rear strap same same


Avduro Pannierz were developed from Expedition Pannierz as Adventure Riding moved closer to Enduro with luggage.

Expedition Pannierz are for the rider who is mostly touring with plenty of made and dirt roads. Expedition Pannierz are easier to remove each day so those doing overland expeditions will find them more convenient.

Avduro are for the hard edge riders who like to get some air, ride corrugated roads for hours, fall off a bit and generally push a bit harder.

Hard box frames also do better with Avduros fitted as they frames sit up so vertiaclly that the side strap system holds the bags neater to the side of the frames.



Which fabric do I choose?

 Things to consider are:

Cordura is a abrasion resistant bag fabric whereas the Oilskin is more of a heavy clothing fabric and as such is not quite as abrasion resistant. Modern Oilskin needs no re-oiling as the treatment is deeply bonded to the fabric. Cordura is essentially a no maintenance fabric.

Cordura has a waterproof backing bonded to the material and oilskin has a treatment applied to the canvas which is absorbed into the fabric. Both are about as waterproof as one another. After a few hours in the rain the Cordura may have the advantage.

The design of the bag is what keeps the elements at bay.

Oilskin is the same fabric used in the traditional bushmans coat. The most famous brand is Drizabone.

After a great deal of consideration and examining of options the final choice is one of style. Classic bikes and cruisers really suit the oilskin.

Basic, no maintenance Cordura black or brown Oilskin that ages into a rugged piece of luggage with great character. The bottom line is that the only people who shouldchoose oilskin are those that love it for its looks. The rest go for Cordura.

N.B.   Oilskin suffers in extremes of heat and exposure to the sun so should not be chosen for outback work.

How do A Bagz fit to the bike?

 Simply pass the 25mm (1 inch) webbing straps through grab rails, pillion peg brackets, sub frame, indicators or fender mounts. The possibilities are huge. Then thread the webbing through the double D rings sewn to the rear of the bag. It is that simple. We provide two choices of D ring sets so that you can use the bag in compression mode (the top set) or like a top box if it isn’t so full. These bags have done hundreds of thousands of kilometres in service over the last eight years and the fitting system is reliable and proven.
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